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The Breeden Company

As The Breeden Company continues to expand through innovative design and forward-thinking construction techniques, we are excited to celebrate more than 60 years of success. Each project we undertake reflects our commitment to community enhancement, economic impact and regional recognition. Our diverse level of experience in residential home building, apartment development and commercial retail components of real estate allow us to stand independently and successfully venture into new real estate endeavors.

We anticipate continued growth as one of the few vertically integrated developers. Our understanding of the construction, real estate and multifamily industries exemplifies our proven ability to achieve success in all aspects of the real estate development process while surpassing the usual standard of excellence.

We attribute our success to the hard work and unmatched employee dedication that reflect the values of our organization. We are a collection of individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership and outstanding efforts on a continual basis. As a unit, we demonstrate the skillset and knowledge base that allows for "out of the box" thinking in an effective and consistent manner.

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Leading With Purpose

Ramon W. Breeden, Jr., company founder, believes the success of his business has been framed by a strong, capable and cohesive team with a shared vision for the direction of the organization. He pondered the practices in place to keep The Breeden Company thriving in the future. "The key to the business is that you establish goals and aspirations and ideals, and the people you employ - your executives - believe in those same goals."

Turning a Vision Into a Reality

The Breeden standard for quality and integrity remains an integral element of daily decision making and operations, adherence to such time-honored values continues to strengthen the company's regional standing, national ranking and widespread reputation making growth, geographic expansion and long-term stability virtually inevitable. Yet, it's not all about looking ahead. It's also just as important to look back and remember, too.

The Power Of B
The Breeden Difference

Remain Fully Vested in the Company and Community Alike

The Breeden Company is known for generously supporting local humanitarian, educational and cultural endeavors including the annual Virginia Beach Neptune Festival and its Symphony by the Seas concert series. The company's long-standing support of people and animals within the communities where The Breeden Company establishes roots encompasses gifts of time and funds to numerous charitable organizations each year. The Breeden Company supports the arts, education, the environment, animals, children's health care, community development and military programs.


Mr. Breeden is one of the most authentic people I know. He remains true to himself and has never forgotten where he came from.
Barry W. Tomlin
Vice President - Breeden Property Management
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The Breeden Company invites inquiries from investors seeking to participate in our real estate property management operations, apartment and commercial shopping center development activities, land development and construction projects and capital ventures.

For more information about investor opportunities with The Breeden Company, its divisions and affiliates, please contact Ramon W. Breeden Jr. or Torrey Breeden at 757.486.1000.