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WWBT12 Richmond: More than 400 luxury apartments coming to Short Pump

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Short Pump is expanding again. The Breeden Company plans to build more than 420 luxury apartments near the intersection of Bacova Drive and North Gayton Road.

We're told the project will include 17 buildings in the form of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. This will be a gated community complete with a clubhouse, pool, and fitness center. Developers tell us there will even be a trout stream for fishing.

The company that is building the project already has experience in the Short Pump area. They also own a mixed-use development called Towne Center West that has been in the area for several years.

There's no doubt, the Short Pump area has faced problems with congestion and traffic. And for many local people, more growth comes with more concern.

"At all times of day it's always busy." said Kirsten Snead, who told us it regularly takes her 30 minutes to drive what should be a 5 minute drive in the Short Pump area.

"It's kind of crazy. It's already very congested over here already," added Claire Sutton. "I'm not sure that they've filled up the current apartments so that seems kind of crazy to build more until they're filled!"

The first phase of construction on the project is expected this summer or fall. Torrey Breeden with the Breeden Company says with the downfall of the housing market, many homeowners lost equity in their homes. He explained that they're not necessarily prepared to buy another home, but they're looking to rent something that maintains their standard of living.

He says luxury apartments are actually in high demand for both cost and convenience.

"Short Pump is very convenient with a lot of the businesses and grocery stores that are out there," said Breeden.

Plus, he says more residential growth leads to more business growth: " You need rooftops to feed businesses and businesses obviously need customers nearby."

As for the problem with traffic, Breeden says they thought that through carefully with this development.

"We are very worried about traffic. That Pouncey Tract Road can be horrible to get through and Gayton Road's flyover," said Breeden. "It takes a lot of pressure out of that intersection."

Here's some information straight from the developer on the project (scroll down to Bacova Luxury Apartments):

Here is a little more information about the apartments:

We're told they'll go for roughly these prices:

$1,000/month- One Bedroom

$1,200/month - Two Bedroom

$1,400/month - Three Bedroom