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Carytown Burgers & Fries joins Towne Center West


OCTOBER 6, 2014

SHORT PUMP, VA – The Breeden Company is pleased to announce that the “Short Pump Surge” continues with the addition of Carytown Burgers and Fries at Towne Center West.  The popular burger joint has been named “Best in Town” from places like, Richmond Magazine, Citysearch and AOL since their doors first opened in 2001.  Owner Mike Barber took time to answer all of our questions, from where he saw the restaurant going originally to the exciting affiliation Carytown Burgers and Fries had with the Washington Redskins this year.   

What made you decide to open another restaurant?

            Mike Barber: From the beginning, the whole goal of Carytown Burgers and Fries was to start a franchise.  We always expected to have multiple locations; we just wouldn’t get involved until the foundation was where we needed it to be.  We had to have everything in place.  We needed to have people on the inside making it happen every day and now we have the right people in place in order to do that.

This will be your second location, correct?

            MB: Well we recently broke ground on our Catering and Café store at 5404 Lakeside Avenue.    As our catering has really taken off, we needed a location that would entirely focus on growing the catering side of the restaurant.  So, all catering will be run from that location and there will be a cute café up front for people to try some of our menu items.  That will open at the end of this month.  But this will be our second restaurant location. 

I’m sure you were looking at many locations, what made you finally decide on Towne Center West?

            MB: We knew the West End was the best place for our second big location.  We decided on Towne Center West because it had absolutely everything we needed in order to make our vision happen.  We’re going to have a patio outside and plenty of room inside.  We will be able to have delivery, curbside pickup, a little bit of a sports bar, a big kids’ section…it really gave us the space we needed to for the complete package.  Everyone felt comfortable with this spot.

Mark Pendleton (President of Breeden Realty) told me you had some sort of affiliation with the Redskins training camp, can you tell me a little bit about that?

            MB: Sure, so we work with SMG (Service Management Group), the big company working with the Redskins.  We had food trucks at the training camp and provided food for events at Bon Secours.  We worked very closely with them in order to provide the perfect experience to Redskins fans. 

Will this be exactly the same menu as your Cary St. location?

            MB: Yes

When do you plan on opening?

MB: January 1, 2015

Any final thoughts?

MB: Just that we are really excited to come to the West End and hope the West End is excited for us!

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