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Renovation Station: Breeden Reinvests into Hampton Roads' Communities


NOVEMBER 25, 2014

VIRGINIA BEACH –   With double digit new developments in the works that include an indoor skydiving venue, a municipal parking garage and nearly 3,000 luxury apartment units complete with the highest end amenities, The Breeden Company knew the next few years were going to be big.  But with all the new developments popping up across the multifamily industry, the long-lasting, quality communities built decades ago can be forgotten.  Not so at The Breeden Company.  Known as a one of the few remaining organizations that develops, builds, owns and manages their properties, The Breeden Company never overlooks their properties from earlier times.  Renovations began in 2013 on three properties, encompassing nearly 1,500 units while in 2014 an additional 3 properties, totaling 331 units, joined the renovation celebration.  Attention to detail is paramount for any project the Breeden name is on, so renovations can include anything from replacing counters, fixtures, kitchen and bath all the way to new windows, sliding doors, landscaping and the exterior.  The total investment to upgrade is over $20 million. 

The major undertaking of 2013 was beginning the $11.5 Million renovation of Emerald Point, a property built in 1968.  With almost 1,200 residents and 863 units, Emerald Point is the second largest community in the Tidewater region.  The Emerald Point renovation will be a 3 year endeavor that spans over 65 acres of land.  Along with new kitchen and bath cabinets, counters, fixtures and lighting, the renovation includes landscaping as well as an exterior facelift. The improvements to the community have been well received by current and new residents alike.  Leasing as quickly as they are completed, the renovated units are primarily being scooped up by residents new to the Emerald Point community. 

While The Breeden Company has grown into a nationally recognized real estate services company that is one of the most valued on the East Coast, the family owned and operated company will always invest first in its own backyard.   A Chapel Lake resident since 2012, Deborah Bowab, claims the renovations are more reason to stay.  Killing time before dinner one evening, she and a friend took a tour of a newly renovated unit.  She goes on to say, “the minute they opened the door and I saw that wood floor with the sunshine pouring in, I knew I had found my new home.”

With a sterling reputation of excellence, The Breeden Company will continue to upgrade their communities each and every year.  At least four properties are already scheduled for 2015.  Being both owner and manager, The Breeden Company understands that the continuous investment into their communities serves all parties involved, but most importantly, their loyal residents.  Torrey Breeden, Executive Vice President of The Breeden Company, sums it up by saying that “when you design something, it affects everyone around you, even if they are not a financial stakeholder, including residents and neighboring communities.  Attention to detail and longevity of design are key.” 


The Breeden Company is a nationally recognized real estate services company with over 50 years of expertise in every facet of the industry.  Breeden Property Management, Breeden Realty and Breeden Construction are the three major subsidiaries of The Breeden Company, with a combined portfolio of nearly 10,000 apartments, over 2 million square feet of retail and office space and an additional 1,700 residential homes.  Both Breeden Property Management and Breeden Construction are national award winners on their own merit and provide third party services to select clients.  Family-owned and operated since 1961, The Breeden Company has grown into one of the most valued real estate development firms on the East Coast.

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